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Kenyan and East African Visas can be obtained online via

  • . Sometimes, the Immigration system might be Faulty or get's Jammed alot, making it a frustrating exercice.

    Do not get worked up because we can help you process the Visas from Kenya. We require you to send us the folloing requirements.
    1. Passport Photo.
    2. A Photo of your Passport (Front Page)
    3. A Photo of your Passport (First Page)
    4. Names of the Father and Mother.
    After Processing your Visa, we will pay the Charged Fees, Send it to You and add the amount in your Quotation.


    Taking part in some of the Popular Activities in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi, is a Good way to really Immerse yourself into the Rich Cultures and Beauty that Mama Africa has to Give . When you Try them Out, She'll definitley Gift you her Precious African Feeling.😊


    Balloon Safaris.


    Boat-Ride Safaris


    Hiking Safaris


    Bush Diners


    Beach Tours.


    Cultural Exhibitions

    Frequently Asked Question In Africa!

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    Visa information
    Yes, Camptrek can assist with visa/s in some instances. Please contact us to find out more.
    Travel insurance
    Yellow fever cards
    Yellow fever cards are mandatory when crossing over from one country to another I east African countries namely Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. Kindly talk to us in case of any questions regarding the yellow fever card
    Safety and medical information
    For More FAQ's
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    Visa Application