Pum Zilver

My boyfriend and I have made a lot of trips, we never went to Africa as it always seemed like a big step from what we are used to.

From the moment we booked with camptrek we felt safe and comfortable. The amount of love and care they put in their work is unbelievable. Papa John took his time to answer all of our questions and concerns beforehand. He planned a perfect customized trip, with a clear and elaborate itinerary. Still, we weren’t really sure what to expect but looking back now it was AMAZING!

The Safari was beautiful like we were part of a beautiful movie/book.

The scenery, the national parks, the animals, John the guide, the road trip through the country, the 4×4, the popup roof, the hotels, lodges, camps, the coffee breaks, the food, the views we were in AWE, truly perfect. What a rush, highly recommended!

Tip: arrange 10 days off, save some money, call John & go

Special shoutout to binocular-eyed John(our guide). The way you guided us was out of this world. You found all the animals, were very knowledgeable, knew everybody, and made always sure we were OK and having a laugh. We were bawling when we had to say goodbye.

John, Lydia, Ben, and Papa John Camptrek Safaris Kenya Asante Sana.

Lo and Pum

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