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Camptrek safaris limited is a well established East African Safari Management Company, Operated by a Well trained former Tour leader who is fluent in Italian and English Languages and has a vast knowledge & experience in Guiding & planning memorable unique safaris in all destinations across East and Southern Africa. He is assisted by experienced passionate safari professionals, who are well informed and acquainted with their motherland. We know Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and can tailor make and organise any East African itinerary or event to match any requirement or budget.

Commited To Clients

We are Committed to offering our clients only the best of safaris/tour in lodges/Camps in Kenya and the larger East African region

Partnership is our Motto

Our Company believes in partnerships with our clients by offering top notch services and building a lasting customer relationship for refferrals & future business

Competitive tour Packages

Our Tour Packages are competitive for all our itineraries in Kenya and the larger East African region and we hope you will book with Us

Why Choose Us?

We are Committed to offering our clients only the best of safaris/tour in lodges/Camps in Kenya and the larger East African region.

Our mission is exposing nature to enrich Lives. With informative guides and superbly orchestrated itineraries, our goal is to connect people and Nature in a meaningful and personally relevant way. We work to inspire guests to become actively involved in preservation and conservation, and strive to create, by listening and promoting a non-judgmental atmosphere, a safe space in which people may blossom, grow, gain new self-confidence and discover new untapped power within.

Exciting destinations, artful itineraries, knowledgeable passionate guides, superb equipment, and wisdom gained from several years in the field allow us to set high standards for Safari adventure vacations through out EAST AFRICA.

Camptrek Safaris provides high quality guest service throughout East Africa. East Africa offers many unique and special opportunities to host special events such as honeymoon, Familymoons,incentives, conferences, and team building. We're masters at creating unique trips for special occasions, and custom adventure travel. We offer tailored trips/safaris to groups of all types from family reunions to bachelor parties, clubs, church and youth groups and even custom adventures for private parties of two or more.


Taking part in some of the Popular Activities in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi, is a Good way to really Immerse yourself into the Rich Cultures and Beauty that Mama Africa has to Give . When you Try them Out, She'll definitley Gift you her Precious African Feeling.😊


Balloon Safaris.


Boat-Ride Safaris


Hiking Safaris


Bush Diners


Beach Tours.


Cultural Exhibitions

Frequently Asked Question In Africa!

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Visa information
Yes, Camptrek can assist with visa/s in some instances. Please contact us to find out more.
Travel insurance
Yellow fever cards
Yellow fever cards are mandatory when crossing over from one country to another I east African countries namely Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. Kindly talk to us in case of any questions regarding the yellow fever card
Safety and medical information
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